Daily Prompt: Share the Love


Tell us about another blogger who has influenced your own online journey.

   Well, there’s one blogger that influenced me to do write a blog. She’s my English teacher. It is a task that all of the students who take her class should do a daily journal. But then I like. It has became a part of my life that I have to do it daily. At first, I hate doing it. Since I have to do it for points, it became a part of my daily life and it is what I have to get used to. At first, I didn’t know the importance of blogging. I would just randomly type a things that are in my mind. But then my English teacher changed her mind, letting us to write a daily prompt. So there’ll be a topic for each day for me to write. At the very beginning, I found it hard to do so. I used to be the one who hates writing. But thinking about this in a positive way, my writing skills can be improved. There is no right and there is no wrong. You only have to type and write and express your own ideas and thoughts. I am very thankful for what she has given it to me. Even though it was just a task for points but I kinda enjoy doing it. 🙂


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