Daily Prompt: Prized Possession


Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?


  Every child has his/her possession. And I was one of them. Have you ever heard of a Japanese brand called Sanrio? You might not be so familiar with Sanrio but when I say Hello Kitty, you all will surely know what it is. Sario is a company that created Hello Kitty.

  When I was a little child, I love buying pencils, pens, pencil case, stickers, and etc. from Sanrio. I normally went there every weekend. I would spend like 2-3 hours at the Sanrio booth just to see what’s new. I couldn’t really get enough of it. I buy more and more and more. At that time, I really loved having stationery. I felt like it was a part of my school life. Every single student needs to have those pen and pencils and so did I. But in my case, it was kinda too much. I knew that i bought too much. And I’m now regretting. So as what you guys all know, child doesn’t have an ability to keep things well. So the more I buy things, the more I lose it. I should have kept it well. Image


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